Our History

Big Sandy Two-Way Communications, Inc. ("Big Sandy") was incorporated in May of 1982 and has since that time been dealer for Motorola and as of June, 1983 we became an authorized Motorola Service Facility, handling Motorola warranty service and contract service, as well as servicing a substantial number of customers on a time and material basis. Since that time, we have been designated a Motorola Full-Line Two-Way dealership and cover 19 counties for Motorola in Kentucky and West Virginia. We also service customers in other counties that prefer to do business with our dealership.

Johnny M. Dutton was a co-founder of the company and had an active part in its day-to-day activities until August of 1991 when his health caused him to leave those activities. He had been the sole radio technician for the Industrial Water Board, Birmingham, Alabama for 10 years prior to moving to Kentucky to start this company.

Lane H. Dutton has actively managed Big Sandy for 30 years, having had 19 years experience as a legal secretary in Birmingham, Alabama. She handles hiring, personnel issues and all other activities needing her attention. Her assistant, Crystal Lynn Salyer takes care of most telephone calls, parts orders, license applications, and many other activities connected with the operation of the facility.

Eddie Ratliff has been with the facility since March of 1991. Eddie has been employed locally as a radio technician, installer and finally, sales and service manager, for 42 years. He is experienced with many brands of two-way radios. He was promoted to Sales and Service Manager in 2004.

Jason Howard has been with this facility since 2008. He is our senior technician, head climber and has trained several people who have been employed by Big Sandy. He is a certified tower climber, tower rescue person and is an in-house certified trainer for tower activities. He is very thorough and a quick learner. He has done many things that it takes most people many more years to accomplish.

Jeffrey Goble has been with the company for only a few months; however, he has become well versed in programming and in installing and trouble shooting. He came to us as an employee of the Federal Prison in Martin County.

Each technician has a 4-wheel drive vehicle and test equipment. Each is equipped with a generator and other tools to install equipment or do repair work in the field, and a notebook computer available for field programming. Technicians are radio and cell phone dispatched and can be re-routed in most cases, if necessary.

The facility has a stock of Motorola radios, both VHF and UHF, including mobile and portable, and a large stock of Motorola parts and accessories. These include antennas, batteries, cases, etc. We also keep a stock of cell phone boosters, cradles and pedestals and the technicians/installers are familiar with installing cellular phones in all vehicles. We also provide assistance with obtaining FCC licenses for our customers. We can provide quotes within a few minutes to hours of a request.

One of the most important areas of doing business is insurance coverage. Our coverage includes a general aggregate of at least $2,000,000 and our excess coverage of $1,000,000. Worker's Compensation is $500,000 across the board.

We have always had a good reputation among the radios users in eastern KY and western West Virginia. We are also set up to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Ohio.

We are in touch with Motorola as needed and get in touch with the correct person to solve a problem. We handle warranty work for Motorola as well. We offer maintenance contracts if a customer desires to use a maintenance agreement.

We have available professional Motorola training classes which are offered to us by Motorola. We take advantage of these from time to time.

Our Team

Eddie Ratliff
Service Manager And Sales

Crystal Salyer
Administrative Assistant
Lane's assistant, quotes and pricing. She can also direct calls to Eddie, as needed.

Bookkeeper (Linda Smith)
Bookkeeper and questions about accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Lane Dutton
Owner And Operations Manager
any questions and answers with regard to sales and pricing and problems that may arise.
Also comments with regard to our personnel.


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