Tower Services

Our sister company, D & L Towers, LLC, owns nine communications towers and 8 shared radio systems. The towers are used for the shared systems which are rented out to small companies unable to fund their own radio systems. Space on the towers is also rented to larger companies who put their own radio systems on the tower. The sister company, Big Sandy Two-Way then maintains the tower and building and is the only entity allowed on the towers. It bills customers for labor and equipment needed for a customer's radio system.

Wide-Area Coverage Tailored to Your Needs
Big Sandy Two-way delivers coverage where you need it. Paying a flat fee for connectivity only in your area equals reliable service for less.

  • Wide-Area Coverage
  • Low, Flat-Rate Fees
  • Unlimited Airtime Packages

We also offer the following tower services:

  • Site Management
  • Tower Construction
  • Tower Maintenance
  • Tower Equipment Installation Services
  • Sales of Radio Towers
  • General Site Services
  • Rent Tower Space

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